Royal Enfield expands in ASEAN with foray into Vietnam

Royal Enfield entered Vietnam, the fourth largest market for two-wheeled vehicles in the world. In line with its global expansion strategy in the medium-sized motorcycle segment (250-750cc), the Chennai-based motorcycle manufacturer today opened its first flagship store in Ho Chi Minh City.

In the ASEAN region, Royal Enfield is already present in Indonesia through two exclusive stores in Jakarta and Bali and one in Jakarta. In Thailand, Royal Enfield currently has an exclusive store in Bangkok.

Speaking about this strategy, Royal Enfield President Rudratej Singh said: “Royal Enfield is working to reinvent and lead the global midsize segment, and Southeast Asia is a crucial market for us in this overall strategy.

This segment is expanding in India and represents a great opportunity for Royal Enfield around the world. Vietnam has a large population that is young and moving in two-wheeled vehicles, and now aspires to adopt the appropriate medium of expression and exploration.

With a strong legacy behind us, Royal Enfield offers fun and rewarding bikes that are both practical, practical and accessible in everyday life. With its vast landscapes and countryside, Vietnam is an ideal destination for pure motorcycle experiences.

We hope to fuel the culture of motorcycle exploration and recreation with some of our best motorcycles in Vietnam. The company markets three popular models of single cylinder engines: Bullet 500, Classic 500 and Continental GT 535cc.

In the period from April to September 2017, Royal Enfield exported 8,561 units, an increase of 17.69% over the previous year. In the domestic market, in the first half of 2018, its total sales were 378,304 units, up 23.17% year-on-year.

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